Happy Massage

Happy massage is a specific type of rub down that is unavailable in most countries. It is a common way of describing a full body rub down that does not ignore any part of your body. In most massages, the massage girl will rub your back and shoulders, or possibly your legs and feet. In a happy massage you will get all of those things as well as other areas of body that also hold a great deal of tension. These areas are generally ignored and you are forced to massage them yourself in order to relieve stress. In a happy massage, our beautiful Asian massage girl will take care of it all for you.

Traditionally, they’ve been thought of as something for men, which is why people often wonder, do women get happy release massages too? Yep, they certainly do.

For women and people with vulvas, a happy release involves fingering and/or clitoral stimulation. While some first-person accounts tell of massages ending in releasing your stress. So, here’s everything you need to know, from how to find a happy release massage to how to ask a massage therapist for a happy release massage in Las Vegas.

What happens during a happy release massage?

The specifics will change depending on which massage therapist you have, as each service will have its own set of protocols. But this is what you can likely expect from a happy release massage.

Step 1: Preparing for the massage

Like with any massage, you’ll be taken to the location (most likely a room) and asked to remove your clothes and lie down on the massage bed. It’s common courtesy to shower beforehand. Typically, massages will start with you lying face down. Some masseuses will explain clearly whether to remove your underwear and cover up with a towel, which is known as draping. If you’re unsure, just ask.

Step 2: A slow sensitively start to the massage

Your massage therapist will begin working on your back. They may use hot oils or lotion, and you may be asked what you prefer. They could be clothed, topless or in some cases, naked. This may be discussed beforehand, with you stating your preference. You might notice your masseuse slowly and gradually incorporating your sensitive body zone into the massage. A full body massage can last anything from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, with the length likely to be agreed beforehand.

Step 3: The massage is taken up a notch

Halfway through the massage, you’ll be asked to turn over onto your front. This stage of the massage may involve your neck, face, thighs, chest or breasts. They may clearly ask for your consent when moving towards your body, or they may look for non-verbal cues from you such as moaning and opening your legs slightly, for example.

Step 4: The happy release

This tends to happen right at the end. If you have a towel covering your body, your massage could be done given underneath the towel. . Do not touch the masseuse unless they have given their clear and enthusiastic consent. Many first-person accounts admit this bit is usually over pretty quickly. The point of a happy release massage is pleasure, so no pressure will be given!

Step 5: Freshen up

Once your happy release massage is complete, you may be handed a towel to clean up with. Your masseuse may leave the room to allow you to do this and get dressed in your own time.


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